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AMI Instruments are in use by professionals, educators, institutions and studios; not to mention thousands of other musicians who play simply for the joy which our instruments bring, across the whole world.

In the kalimba world, AMI remains the original and the world leader in quality, design and usage. International music stars, such as Richard Bona, Freshly Ground and Earth, Wind & Fire and Charles Obin Yapi all choose AMI instruments. Similarly, notable kalimba professionals Mark Holdaway, Decio Gioelli, Magne Skrede and Fraser Bruce use our instruments in their work. Mark runs the wonderful Kalimba Magic website for the kalimba musical community and also works with music therapists who use kalimbas in practice. Pete Isocowits plays kalimbas to trauma patients in hospitals in Israel.

There have been attempts to copy our instruments by other manufacturers, but when it comes down to it, AMI is the standard-setter and leader in African Musical Instruments.


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