Section 51 Manual

(Manual in terms of Section 51

of the

Promotion of Access to Information Act)


African Musical Instruments cc.



Introduction to African Musical Instruments cc.

African Musical Instruments cc. is a producer of African instruments, including Kalimbas, Marimbas, Xylophones used in education, Drums, Small Percussion and other traditional instruments. We supply local educational institutions, churches and cultural groups, as well as distributors. We also export our products.




1.)    AMI Contact Details [Section 51(1)(a)]

REGISTERED NAME: African Musical Instruments cc.


REGISTERED ADDRESS: 2 Cloncore Street, Grahamstown, 6139

TRADING NAME: African Musical Instruments cc.

POSTAL ADDRESS: P.O.Box 95, Grahamstown, 6140

TELEPHONE NUMBER: (046) 622 6252

FAX NUMBER: (046) 622 3501


DIRECTOR: Christian Carver



2.)    The Section 10 Guide on how to use the Act[Section 51(1)(b)]

A Guide has been compiled in terms of Section 10 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act by the Human Rights Commission. It contains information required by a person wishing to exercise any right contemplated by the Act. The guide is available from the South African Human Rights Commission. Please direct any queries to:


The South African Human Rights Commission:


The Research and Documentation Department

Postal Address:        Private Bag 2700



Telephone:           +27 (0)11 484 8300

Fax:                     +27 (0)11 484 7146




3.)    The Latest Notice in Terms of Section 52(2) (if any)

At this stage no notice(s) has/have been published on the categories of records that are automatically available without a person having to request access in terms of PAIA. Until such information has been clarified, AMI requests that anybody seeking information should use the proper procedures.


4.)    Records Available in terms of any other Legislation [Section 51(1)(d)]

   Records available in terms of other legislation are as follows:

Statutory Information and Records

Other Information and Records

Company Information and Records

Sales and Marketing Information


5.)    Detail on how to make a Request for Access [Section51(e)]


A requester who seeks access to a record containing personal information about that requester is not required to pay the request fee. Every other requester, who is not a personal requester, must pay the required request fee:

6.)     Other information as may be prescribed [Section 51(1)(f)]
The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development has not made any regulations in this regard.

7.)    Availability of this Manual [Section 51(3)]
This Manual is available for inspection free of charge at the offices of African Musical Instruments cc. Copies may be obtained for whatever fee is deemed appropriate from African Musical Instruments cc. or from the offices of The South African Human Rights Commission. A copy of this manual may also be viewed on the company website of African Musical Instruments cc. at