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CD's - Artists using AMI Instruments

'AKANI'and 'SEBE' by Valanga Khoza

Here are 2 CD's with Grooves on them!! These are wonderful albums by Valanga Khoza, a South African artist now resident in Oz. Valanga is obviously a master of synergy, gathering around him musicians who can express his prodigeous talent. He uses Kalimbas extensively to lay down riffs that underpin his creative vocal improvisations. He has quite a collection of Kalimbas, including 2 custom built extended Altos that we made for him 2 years ago. A committed ambassador for the culture and especially the music of his motherland, he also brings groups from Australia to tour and study in South Africa.

*Click Here*

to hear an extract from 'Sara Fina' off the 'AKANI' CD.

'KALIMBA' by Decio Gioielli

Decio is arguably the best Hugh Tracey Kalimba player in the world. He has certainly extended the envelope of what it is possible to do with kalimbas. He has not limited himself to merely playing with his thumbs - He often also uses his fingers on top of the instrument as well, which has opened up new vistas of counterpoint melodies. Most of the original compositions on 'KALIMBA' have been recorded before with other instruments. With this album Decio wanted to show off the Kalimba on its own. My favourite in this collection of masterpieces has to be track 6: 'Voo do Passaro'. *Click Here* to hear an extract. Contact Decio at:
or view his website at:

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