Welcome to our web site. In the Global Village our hut is the one with the Music and Laughter coming out of it, intermingled with the Spicy smell of Sneezewood. For 40 years we have produced the Original Hugh Tracey Kalimbas, the first and still proclaimed world-wide as the best. But Kalimbas are now only a small part of what we do:- step inside and take a look.......

Our collection of traditional instruments, including the 
Xhosa Uhadi bow, Nyanga Pan Pipes, Akadinda and Marimbas with Xhosa tuning
Our Mission
In the 1930's Hugh Tracey brought the Kalimba to the rest of the world as part of his mission to give African Music the global status it deserves. Today there are many immitators, but we continue to be acclaimed as setting the standard for this companionable and uniquely African instrument. We still manufacture a large range of Kalimbas, but have continued to adopt African technology in innovative ways. Our extensive range of xylophones uses indigenous woods and African production technigues. Drums and unusual hand percussion are also now part of our catalogue, and we have recently taken on the manufacture of marimbas.
We are committed to the ideals that inspired Hugh Tracey: to make music (especially African Music) happen. We are also dedicated to more than quality and manufacturing excellence: we play the instruments we make- our staff band ' Ingangalala' performing regularly. We include concepts and principles of African music making into our corporate structure.
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