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New Products from A.M.I.

Steel Framed Marimbas

Marimba Bands travel. As soon as your band has a repertoire, you will be in great demand to play for functions all over your area and will possibly aspire to an overseas tour. Our old, wooden framed marimbas, while they are good looking, don't travel well. Their legs can be removed, but hardly ever are, because of the extra hassle and the fact that the fasteners get lost. Besides which, they are heavy and unwhieldy.

Having thought about it for a while, we redesigned the instruments with steel frames. These have proved to be far more practical for travelling, are lighter in weight and more robust than the older type. We seldom produce wooden instruments now.

The legs are permanently attatched to the keyboard frames, and the resonator boxes clip into place in an operation which takes about 20 seconds and requires no tools. Nothing on the instruments can fall off and get lost, and the great sound has remained exactly the same, because we still use the same resonator boxes.

Replace your old Frames!
If you have the older wooden instruments and like the idea of easier transport and robustness, don't despair! We have already carried out a number of conversions, as your old notes and resonator boxes are completely re-usable. Please contact us for a quotation if you are interested.

We are currently working on the re-engineering of our Chromatic Marimbas to steel frames, and the first Sopranos and a Tenor have already been supplied to customers.

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